Action Synergy S.A/ UETP ACTION LINK was created in Heraklion of Crete in 1986. Since 1987 Action participates in the European program COMMET and is declared as UETP (University Enterprise Training Partnership). In other words Action functions as an intermediate  that links Universities and Enterprises. Action is the only UETP in Greece with more than 25 years in the field.

In 1992, Action Synergy S.A/ UETP Action Link starts functioning in Athens and in Concrete in the new office in Amarousion.

Since 2000, Action Synergy starts its operation in a new field, that of IT (Informatics), creating a new development department of IT solutions developing e-Learning systems. Read More...


Since its establishment in 1987 Action Synergy S.A has participated in an important number of educational programs of E.U, such as the COMETT, PETRA, SOCRATES, LEONARDO DA VINCI, ARTICLE6, ADAPT, TEMPUS, PHARE, DISTANCE LEARNING.  The main fields of expertise of Action Synergy S.A include:  development of training methodologies and technologies, development of courses and seminars using innovative methods such as: open/flexible learning methodologies, e-learning, training needs analysis, development of job profiles and development of synergies at local, national and transnational level.  Read More...

The e-Learning Toolkit2.0 is a comprehensive platform for distance learning

This platform enables all members involved in the training process, namely:
• The Administrator (Admin Manager)
• The Technicians  
• The Tutor (Instructor)
•The Learner (Trainee)

E- learning operates within a digital learning environment that gives just the same good  training results with the classical school and the physical presence. Read more...

The Action Synergy SA is an organization dedicated to training and developing knowledge products. Action is actively involved in developing technologies and methodologies related to education, and developing courses e-Learning.

The development of the platform e-Learning Toolkit is the basic tool of Implementation to the section e-Learning Toolkit. It is a comprehensive training platform, a virtual school which may include any content someone wishes.

At the same time there have been developed and deployed a number of applications that help modern education,  Read more...

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